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Night Guards & Clear Aligners

  1. Every time you wear your night guard/clear aligners, you should rinse them with water afterward.

  2. After rinsing, lightly brush your night guard/aligners with dish soap, using a soft toothbrush.

  3. Allow your nightguard/clear aligners to dry completely before storing them in your case. Always store your nightguard/clear aligners in your case when not in use.

  4. After placing your nightguard/clear aligners in your case, make sure the case is stored in a low humidity room to prevent the nightguard/aligners from warping.

  5. Every couple of days, make sure to clean your case with some soap and warm water to prevent bacterial buildup.

  6. If your nightguard /aligners have warped or don't fit anymore, schedule an appointment with your dentist.


Night Guards & Clear Aligners
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