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Bone Graft


  1. Eat soft and cold foods.

  2. Take your antibiotics for the full prescribed duration.

  3. Brush your surrounding teeth thoroughly.

  4. Take over-the-counter pain medication if necessary.

  5. Contact your oral surgeon if you are experiencing extreme pain.

Don't Do:

  1. Spit or rinse for 2-3 days, as that can disrupt blood clotting and the stability of the bone graft.

  2. Touch, brush or floss the bone graft or sutures.

  3. Smoke for a month, as this can disrupt blood clotting and healing.

  4. Eat spicy, hot, or acidic foods.

  5. Participate in intense physical activity for 2-3 days, since it can increase bleeding.


Bone Graft
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