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Dental Hygiene

What's Preventative Care?

Preventative care starts at home.  Having a strict regimen of regularly brushing your teeth and flossing is a great way to keep your gums and teeth healthy.  However, brushing and flossing alone is not enough.  That is why it is generally recommended to come in every six months (or recommended based on your profile) for a checkup and a cleaning.   

It is very important to understand that a dental cleaning can be somewhat of a misnomer.  It is where we scan our patients for more serious issues such as oral cancer and periodontal disease. 

Dentist Chair

Your oral health is our top priority, and we do not consider bi-annual cleaning visits as a simple routine checkup but something we take very seriously.  At SmileHouse, we got you covered. 

Periodontic: What does my heart have anything to do with my gums?

The American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Heart Association (AHA) found a connection between gum disease (also called periodontitis or periodontal disease) and heart disease.  The bacteria that infect the gums and cause gingivitis and periodontist travel throughout the body.  It is the presence of the bacteria that triggers an immune response, inflaming blood vessels that can significantly increase your chance of a heart attack and stroke. There are also associations of periodontitis to Rheumatoid Arthritis, different types of cancers, and other diseases.  

It is important to note that association is not the same as causation.  However, it's not worth the risk of neglecting our


periodontal health.  Come in for a consultation to see if a deep scaling is needed to reduce swelling and to help prevent further recession.  Remember, gums do not regenerate and we only have one chance at this.  Let's do this right.  Together.

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